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Visual Space Collected and Composed

An article by Virginia Museum of Fine Arts curator Ashley Kistler on the subject of artists whose work is about collecting. Along with Burtner, Kistler discusses the work of Richard Roth, Bob Paris, Michael Lease, and Luke Savisky.

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Ashley Kistler
Art Lies

Trawick Prize Winners' Attention to Details

Washington Post Staff writer Michael O'Sullivan reviews the exhibition "The Trawick Prize" and gushes over Burtner's work.

The Washington Post
Michael O'Sullivan
The Washington Post

Current Exhibitions

Artist Caryl Burtner was the real discovery in the recent Trawick Prize competition, where her work documenting the minutiae of her life (medicine taken, blouses purchased, shampoo consumed, etc.) left this reviewer in awe of her quiet power as a performance artist, archivist and concrete poet.

The Washington Post
Michael O'Sullivan
The Washington Post

creation story: Caryl Burtner, collector

Style Weekly is a free weekly paper in Richmond, Virginia.
Jessica Ronky Haddad
Style Weekly

20 Carols

Harper's Magazine reproduced Burtner's ongoing collection of high school yearbook photos of girls named Carol. They even put her name on the cover!
Angela Riechers
Harper's Magazine

Artists Talking to Man on Street

Larry Mullins and Christian Mercker were also featured in the article.

"Artists Talking to Man on Street" by Mark Holmberg Richmond Times-Dispatch, April 12, 1990
Mark Holmberg
Richmond Times-Dispatch
"You don't need a gallery to show art."

Art for Caryl's Sake

Throttle was Richmond's alternative monthly journal for music and the other arts.
Lori Edminston (now known as Lori Ellison)

Everyday Ephemera

August 6, 2013
Richard Foster
Style Weekly
"Im trying to capture how one year slips into another visually."

Crowning Glory in Art

Spoleto Today, May 27, 2009
Ali Ravenal
The [Charleston, SC] Post & Courier
"Caryl Burtner even set up an ongoing "clipping station" where visitors could cut off a piece of their hair and add it to her collection."