Caryl Burtner Press

Archiving Human Histories: Caryl Burtner's Collection of Hair

Infringe is a London-based magazine "dedicated to the hairdressers and barbers who use hair as a medium to work their craft; the photographers and filmmakers who capture hair culture across the globe; and the artists and activists who challenge the perception of hair, and its role in shaping our identity."

Infringe Anthropology of Hair, May 2016
Emma de Clercq
"The collection appeals to both the voyeur and the anthropologist in each of us."

Anderson Gallery: 45 Years of Art on the Edge

Ashley Kistler, Editor and Project Director
Designed by Scout Design
Published by VCUarts, Richmond, 2016

Folios by Caryl Burtner, Jasmine Calvert, Hope Ginsburg, Michael Lease, Jalinoski and Matt Spahr

"Those of you who had the good fortune to be part of the legend will have fond memories of the Anderson Gallery's amazing scene." - Joseph H. Seipel, Dean of VCUarts.

Between the Covers: Altered Books in Contemporary Art

ARTISTS: Noriko Ambe, John Kirchner, Maria Anasazi, Lisa Kokin, Doug Beube, Carole P Kunstadt, Caryl Burtner, Guy Laramee, Long-Bin Chen, Susan Lenz, Byron Clerck, Corwin Levi, Brent Crothers, So Yoon Lym, Brian Dettmer, Scott McCarney, Jessica Drenk, Pamela Paulsrud, Shiela Hale, Buzz Spector, Lisa Hill, Robert The Jeffrey Kent, Maika'i Tubbs

ArtSlant Calendar

Missing Richmond: Caryl Burtner's Exhibit at UR Downtown

Artist Caryl Burtner, an inveterate collector of quotidian objects, here brings us in “Missing Richmond” views of the city and its environs that some newcomers may have never seen.

November 11, 2014
Harry Kollatz, Jr.
"Some of these buildings could be gone tomorrow."

Missing Moments

Artist Caryl Burtner explores the missing spaces of Richmond with whispers.

September 16, 2014
Edwin Slipek
Style Weekly
"If Burtner is a keen observer of city life, a savvy documenter, and an avid collector of ephemera, she is also a romantic poet."

Hair Apparent Opening Reception

May 31, 2013
Michael O'Sullivan
Washington Post
"Attendees will be invited to contribute locks of hair to an installation by Caryl Burtner, a wonderful Richmond artist."

Richmond Independent Press

A History of the Underground Zine Scene

Published by The History Press, Charleston, SC, 2013
Dale M. Brumfield
"How many of my ideas would never have come to fruition without having the page in ThroTTle to produce?"

Everyday Ephemera

August 6, 2013
Richard Foster
Style Weekly
"I'm trying to capture how one year slips into another visually."

Love, Loss, and Lipstick

May 10, 2012
Eric Hope
"Caryl Burtner's vignettes present a very personal emotional landscape with hills and valleys eroded by the passing of time."

Editor's Pick: Love, Loss and Lipstick

June 29, 2012
Michael O'Sullivan
Washington Post
"The notion of remembrance is central to the art of Caryl Burtner."