Caryl Burtner ExhibitionsCaryl Burtner Exhibitions

Calling all Triskaidekaphobes! 2013 "The Exorcism of Page 13"
2005 "Brides' New Name"
2003 "The Caryl Burtner Collections"
1998 "Caryl Burtner Special Collections"
1994 "More Stuff"
1993 "My Back Pages"
The Caryl Burtner Collections invitation 1992 "The Caryl Burtner Collections"
1987 "For Sake My Art?"
1982 "Standard Drug Window, 7th & Grace"
1981 "Standard Drug Window, 7th & Grace"
2013 "Hair Apparent"
2012 "Love, Loss and Lipstick"
2011 "Artists’ Books As Document"
Invitation to Poe's Playground 2010 "Poe's Playground"
2010 "Disclosed"
2010 "Wretched Glory"
Halsey Institute's "Hair on Fire" show 2009 "Hair on Fire"
Material AfterLife Invitation, UICA 2009 "Material Afterlife: An Exhibition of Recycled Art"
2009 "Art Museum Artists"
2007 "A Really Big Shoe Show"
2007 "ThinkSmall4"
2006 "The Trawick Prize: Bethesda Contemporary Art Awards"
2006 "Exchange: Richmond @ DC - 'Twisted Roots'"
2006 "Museum of Temporary Art"
2003 "Collected Evidence"
2002 "Snapshots: An Exhibition of 1,000 Artists"
1995 "Three Rivers Juried Visual Arts Exhibition"

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