Caryl Burtner Press

Friday the 13th is by Caryl Burtner

August 16, 2011, Weekend Section, p. 37.
Washington Post
Caryl Burtner is a finalist for the Trawick Prize.

Let's Get Small

Artspace pushes miniature to the max in ThinkSmall 6.

Style Weekly, November 2, 2011
Amy Ritchie
Style Weekly
"...a packet of prose poems and fiction shorts."

Trawick Winners Hit the Mark in Bethesda

The exhibit features a breadth and variety of approaches and media, with intriguing results.

Montgomery County Gazette, September 14, 2011
Claudia Rousseau
Montgomery County Gazette, Sept. 14, 2011
"There's something so remarkably compelling about Burtner's work."

Trawick Prize

The Washington Post Sept. 9, 2011 Style Section, page C8
Mark Jenkins
The Washington Post
"There's also a conceptual angle to Caryl Burtner's work, which took second place. Burtner offers 52 page-a-day calendar sheets, each dated Friday the 13th and recounting one day's events."

Caryl Burtner

Cabinet of Cabarets is a blog by New York artist Lorianne Ellison. Lori's early interview of Caryl for Throttle magazine can also be read on this site.
Lori Ellison
Cabinet of Cabarets

A new show at UMW looks at works by those normally behind the scenes

An exhibition at Mary Washington's duPont Gallery showcases art by museum professionals.
Brynn Bower, October 29, 2009
"One particularly engaging piece is Caryl Burtner's "Flowers."

Reuse and Recycle

This article was also featured in Grand Rapids' "On the Go," April 2009
Katie Pryor
The Grand Rapids Press, March 26, 2009
"I applied to Material Afterlife because it seemed like a fun and creative way to educate, celebrate and explore the enviromnental issues that are so important to me."

Seasonally Adjusted Art

UICA Gallery Hosts Several New Shows, April 12, 2009
Molly Kimelman
The Grand Rapids Press
"Meade's favorite piece in this group exhibition is Virginia artist Caryl Burtner's logged toothbrush collection."

Crowning Glory in Art

Spoleto Today, May 27, 2009
Ali Ravenal
The [Charleston, SC] Post & Courier
"Caryl Burtner even set up an ongoing "clipping station" where visitors could cut off a piece of their hair and add it to her collection."

IMAGINE: Missing Richmond

A cover feature article on Caryl's "Missing Richmond" project.

URGE is a glossy Richmond-based magazine devoted to the arts scene.
Rebecca Jones
"I'm like a prospector with my hammer, pick, and Ziplock bags."